We specialize in producing high affinity allergen-specific chimeric human IgE monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)1. Our main objective is to apply chimeric human IgE mAbs in serum IgE measurement for clinical use, particularly for calibrating the amount of allergen-specific IgE in serum. Currently, human IgE antibodies originated from normal blood samples are used as calibrators for allergen-specific serum IgE measurement. However, lacking specificity to allergens makes it difficult to generate accurate calibration curves. In addition, batches of human IgE prepared from normal blood samples have been reported to be positive for hepatitis B surface antigen2. Therefore, handling human IgE is risky for pathogen infection. Chimeric human IgE shares several biochemical properties with human IgE. Allergen-specific chimeric human IgE mAbs are able to recognize the same allergens as allergen-specific serum IgE. Therefore, allergen-specific chimeric human IgE mAbs generate more accurate and reliable results compared to non-specific human IgE. The technology we developed makes the production of chimeric human IgE mAbs efficient and allows us to efficiently provide a full range of allergen-specific IgE mAbs. We expect that our technologies and products will facilitate research in IgE-related fields as well as improve the quality of clinical serum IgE measurement.

1. Chimeric human IgE antibodies indicate that sequences of antibody variable and constant regions are mouse and human sequences, respectively.

2. Thorpe SJ, et al., The 3rd International Standard for serum IgE: international collaborative study to evaluate a candidate preparation. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 2014;52:1283-1289